2014 Rules of the Beverly Lambert Studio

  1. Be on time for your lessons. Try to arrive a few minutes before your scheduled time. Due to a small waiting area in the studio, please do not arrive too early or it may become crowded.
  2. A lesson is one hour long. That hour includes picking music, discussing upcoming auditions, scheduling, etc. I have to enforce this rule this year. Some of you come late and expect me to make up the time. I cannot do this.
  3. Only the student is allowed in the studio area. This is for the student’s privacy and creative freedom.
  4. No shoes in the studio area. This includes sneakers, flip-flops, or even bare feet. The only footwear allowed in the studio are socks (I provide clean socks for those who have forgotten them) or the flip-flops and scuffs provided for you in the cubbyholes in the waiting area.
  5. Please put all of your belongings on the piano bench, not on my chair. Pocketbooks, keys, notebooks, do not belong on upholstered furniture, or it will be dirty in no time.
  6. Please wash your hands before your lesson. Some exercises involve your hands being in contact with your mouth. There is a full bathroom in the waiting area.
  7. Only water will be allowed in the studio. I provide bottled water.
  8. IMPORTANT – Cancellations must occur at least 24 hours before your scheduled lesson. You must call me at (203) 767-6923 to cancel a lesson. At the very least, leave a voicemail, but try and talk to me in person. E-mails and texts are not acceptable forms of lesson cancellation. If you do not cancel a full 24 hours ahead of time, payment is still expected for the lesson. No exceptions. I can no longer offer make-ups for lessons cancelled with less than 24 hours notice. Please give me as much notice as possible for cancellation — 24 hours is the minimum. Of course extreme circumstances and emergencies occur and will be treated on a case-by-case basis. Also, weather-related cancellations where safety is an issue are acceptable.
  9. If you miss more than 2 scheduled lessons in a month, you will be put on a monthly payment plan. You will pay for the month’s lessons at the beginning of the month. If you become undependable you will loose your regularly scheduled time and be put on a weekly availability or cancellation list. Your scheduled lesson is a commitment from both of us.
  10. Please pay for your lesson before your lesson starts. Sometimes you leave and forget to leave a check. It creates a very uncomfortable situation if I have to remind you to pay for your lesson, so please do not put me in that position. If you have forgotten your check please tell me at the beginning of your lesson.
  11. Practice at home. You must practice at least 3 times a week. You are not going to make the necessary progress if you do not, and that will be frustrating for us both.
  12. Do not park in the driveway. Please park on my side of the street. There is always plenty of space.
  13. Please do not touch the piano. Many of you have been holding on to the piano during your lessons. I’d like to keep the piano in pristine shape and therefore cannot have anyone leaning on or touching it.
  14. If I am taking time off, I will always let you know well in advance. I do not take off the same vacations that your schools take because many of your schools take different vacations and I have adult students as well. Don’t assume because you have off that my studio is also taking off. And please notify me if you are taking time off — well in advance — or you will be charged for missed lessons. Please take responsibility for calling me and don’t assume a parent will call. Parents don’t always remember and it is your responsibility.

Beverly Lambert Studio Contract

I have read the above Rules of the Beverly Lambert Studio and agree to adhere to them.

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